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How service design can activate innovation in education

Dive into the heart of education's most pressing challenges and the transformative potential of service design in crafting the future of learning. This talk explores the critical need for innovation in our educational systems, examining how service design principles can drive a revolution in teaching, learning, and systemic integration to prepare our children for a rapidly evolving world.

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Agnese Spona




Agnese Spona

Learning Designer & Founder of Ness

Agnese Spona, originally from Latvia, has made the Netherlands her home for the past 16 years. With a diverse career spanning over two decades, Agnese's journey began in journalism and public relations. Her path evolved through digital product management, parallel to academic research and thesis supervision.

In the last five years, Agnese has ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing the customer experience learning business MadeFor. Building on her success, she recently founded Ness, a learning design practice that marries the principles of service design with learning design. This approach aims to redefine educational methodologies and create impactful learning experiences.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Agnese advocates for women, inclusive opportunities, and sustainable practices, backed up by her founding member roles in Women in CX and the IMMA Collective. Her commitment to girl empowerment, mentoring, and teaching youth to transform ideas into prototypes embodies her vision for a more equitable and dynamic future.

Her interests also extend to systems thinking and organisational psychology, disciplines that she believes are crucial in understanding and addressing the complexities of learning environments. Through her work, Agnese seeks to inspire transformation in educational systems, making them more adaptive, inclusive, and effective for learners worldwide.

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