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When Service Design Was About to Have Zero Impact - And What We Learned From It.

What does it look like, when service design doesn’t create impact? Why does it happen? And more importantly, what can we learn from those failures, in order to raise the bar and create more impact in the future? From the community to the community – join us to learn from the stories and insight rarely seen among the more celebrated hero narratives.


Aino Makkonen


Co-presented with Juha-Matti Kosonen.


Aino Makkonen

Lead Service & Business Designer at Siili Solutions

Aino is a service designer and a customer experience strategist with a holistic background in design, business, communications and brand development. Currently in her role, as a Lead Service and Business Designer at Siili Solutions, she focuses on reimagining customer experience, digital business, and strategy in the age of AI with her clients. Aino is an active member in the SDN Finland community, as well as one of the organising team members behind the SDGC24. Aino looks at the world through both, strategic and empathetic lenses, and believes that great design isn’t about fancy magic tricks, but most often just plain leg work with the willingness to look at all angles and a dash or two of enthusiasm for everything.

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