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Prepare to disagree; unlock the power of conflict in design

When we avoid conflict, we stifle creativity, suppress collaboration and negatively impact designs. This talk reframes conflict as an act of discovery. It provides the tools, mindset and language to unlock the power of constructive conflict, creating a culture where difficult conversations are the norm and creativity and collaboration thrive.

#DesignLeadership #WaysOfWorking #SafePlace #Collaboration #ServiceDesign #ConflictResolution #TeamWork

Alan Colville




Alan Colville

Service Designer & Customer Experience Strategy Consultant

Alan is an award-winning design leader. He helps organisations think differently to find user-centric and design-led ways to thrive.

He has spent the last two decades consulting with the world’s highest performing FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as government and public sector organisations in increasingly complex environments. Alan mentors leaders and teams, helping them to overcome challenges and craft solutions that work for both users and organisations. He also regularly contributes to design, marketing and technology events and publications.

With a degree in Design and a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction, Alan’s previous roles include; founder of a design agency, web start-up and international cooperative of designers and developers, plus in-house senior roles for BT, Virgin Media and various digital agencies. Currently, Alan is helping the UK Met Office transform their weather and climate services, which are vital to the daily lives of millions.

Hailing from Tipperary, Ireland, now living in Bristol, when not immersed in the world of design, Alan might be found scaling mountains or biking through rugged terrain - most notably, setting a Guinness World Record for the highest elevation cycled in 48 hours.

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