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Agents of systemic change

We are all agents of systemic change, so let’s be intentional about it. Bringing a systemic perspective to our projects can help us reshape business strategies, promote change at scale, and measure how our solutions impact (or reinforce) the larger systems around us. This talk will share actionable knowledge on how service designers can lead systemic impact in their projects, regardless of the scope of their frame of action.

#SystemsThinking #SystemMapping #StrategicDesign #DesignMetrics #DesignImpact #SystemicChange

Alessandra Molderings-Enriconi




Alessandra Molderings-Enriconi

Associate Service Design Director at denkwerk GmbH

Alessandra is a brazilian-born service designer based in Cologne, Germany. She is passionate about addressing complex systemic challenges and exploring possibilities of applying her service design skill in new contexts. She works as an Associate Service Design Director at denkwerk, one of Germany’s leading creative agencies, where she leads a multi-talented team of experience and service designers. Over the last 15 years she has been a part of multidisciplinary teams in Brazil, Italy, Finland and Germany, working on projects related to sustainable design, cross-cultural user research and driving digital innovation in companies of all sizes.

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