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Experience 3.0 – This is the moment to strategically reinvent your service (and yourself).

We are standing on the edge of a transformative new era—Experience 3.0—an AI-enabled re-envisioning of how services exist in our world today. In this new era, designers will be required to strategically reinvent their services and themselves. This talk is designed to outline a pragmatic vision for the future of services and the design discipline—by addressing the key limiting beliefs and providing a framework for growth.

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Alex Klein




Alex Klein

Founder, Team Human

Alex Klein is a design strategist and consultant. His design career began 13 years ago at Continuum Innovation with a project to redesign the breast pump. This project inspired his design ethos—that every product and service, even the most functional, has the ability to shape our deeper well-being.
This inspiration also led him to found Team Human, an innovation consultancy dedicated to designing services that support people at a deeper human level. Team Human partners with organizations like NASA, Sam's Club, and the University of Utah Health System. In addition to his work at Team Human, Alex writes the weekly newsletter 'Empathy & AI' to explore design, research and humanity in the new era of technology. Alex also serves as an assistant lecturer at MIT. Alex studied at Georgetown University and MIT. He lives in Chicago, where he spends as much time as possible on Lake Michigan.

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