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Debunking the Myth: The Tangible Impact of Service Design

This talk presents how Hellon methodically measures and validates the impact for diverse stakeholders, ensuring the service design discourse remains critically relevant in an era demanding tangible results and outcomes. In the presentation, we will focus on changes that are happening in the practice across process, delivery and people as the three key components of our practice collectively, through tangible examples and anecdotes.

#changemanagement #wobblydiamond #impact #designleadership #people #process #delivery

Andreas Pattichis




Andreas Pattichis

Design Director & Partner at Hellon Ltd

Andreas always refers to himself as “a Nordic Designer with a Mediterranean Twist”. Andreas is an award-winning Design Leader with 12+ years of experience in Strategic Design, and currently is the Design Director and Partner at Hellon. Our vision is to harness the limitless potential of human creativity and technological prowess in order to seek new horizons of innovation, and have been awarded the Global Service Design Award 5 times.
Andreas has been part of Hellon's transformation through his role as a partner, and is especially recognised for encouraging sustainable practices to be considered for both business and environment, with a particular passion towards under-represented communities and always aiming to deliver true impact in his work. With an academic background in Design, Andreas considers himself a Designer at heart. As a leader, he is driven to discover the true purpose and fun of doing CX by embracing his passion for people and building communities around him.

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