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The power behind service design with a gender vision.

In her talk, Angélica Flechas, designer and experienced lawyer, sheds light on the critical oversight of gender in legal service and design, highlighting its impact on the perpetuation of historical exclusions. She proposes an innovative and applied approach “Service Design with a Gender Vision”, fusing traditional design concepts with gender studies, resulting in profitable initiatives and social impact.

#Gender #LegalServiceDesign #DiversityAndInclusion

Angélica Flechas




Angélica Flechas

CEO and Founder of Háptica

Founder and CEO of Háptica, the first service design consultancy in Colombia, Angélica Flechas holds an MBA from Hult University. She is a designer and lawyer with a specialization in commercial law from Universidad de los Andes. Currently, she serves as a professor of Creativity and Legal Service Design at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia and Universidad Alfonso Ibañez in Chile.

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