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Design against capitalism

When sustainable businesses or services fail, people often blame capitalism. Many discussions about more sustainable models end with the same unfortunate conclusion, that capitalism is preventing them from being adopted at scale. While this is where the conversation often ends, I believe that it should be the beginning: as service designers we need a better understanding about the nature of capitalism, not just about its consequences. The reason is quite simple: capitalism requires a specific environment where it constantly reproduces itself in order to survive, a process known as ‘Reproduction of the relations of production’. As we learn how to spot this process in our everyday life, we get more agency to act against it and create space for alternative models. The aim of the talk is to give people hope: while the revolution predicted by Marx never materialised in the context of a factory, it is our everyday life where the battle is still ongoing and where we can still get an upper hand.

#Capitalism #Degrowth #Marx #Revolution #Everyday

Anna Kholina




Anna Kholina

Design Director at Futurice Helsinki, PhD candidate at Aalto University

Anna Kholina is a service designer and design director working on the intersection of digitalisation, strategy and sustainability. She’s also a doctoral candidate at Aalto University where she’s writing her thesis about urban design and suburban transformation.

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