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Sustainable Impact of Service Design in Organization

Discover how service design can create a ripple effect of enduring value across organizations by fostering effective collaborations, strategically positioning ourselves as designers, and drawing inspiration from Laozi to be as beneficial and adaptable as water, advancing projects and impacting society.

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Arthur Yeh




Arthur Yeh

Independent Service Design Consultant

Arthur Yeh, approaches the discipline of service design with a unique blend of expertise and humility. His journey, marked by continuous learning and collaboration, has led him to become a Certified Professional Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). Arthur believes deeply in the power of collective wisdom and the transformative impact that thoughtful, inclusive dialogue can have on organizations and communities.

Beyond his facilitation practice, Arthur extends his passion for service design through the "Watercooler Conversation" podcast, a project he undertakes with the aim of demystifying service design for a broader audience. Here, he invites listeners to join him on a journey of exploration, covering everything from the fundamentals of service design to its nuanced impact on global and local scales. Each episode is crafted not as a lecture but as an open dialogue, where Arthur, with a learner’s curiosity, engages with thought leaders, practitioners, and innovators in the field.

Arthur's work—spanning facilitation, education, and communication—reflects a holistic commitment to advancing the field of service design. Through his endeavors, he aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of how thoughtful design processes can lead to more effective, empathetic, and sustainable solutions in business and society. In every aspect of his work, Arthur embodies the principle that true innovation is born from collaboration and a deep, empathetic understanding of the human experience.

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