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Redefining Mastery: What Japanese martial arts teaches us about growth and development

Your journey maps are impeccable and you’ve perfected the service blueprint. One day you ask yourself, is this all there is?

The answer is a resounding ‘no’ – there is so much more. This talk will reframe your understanding of mastery, igniting a new path towards excellence that is bursting with creativity, play, and experimentation.

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Bryanne Gilkinson




Bryanne Gilkinson

Global Senior Director, Service Design and Business Architecture at adidas

Bryanne Gilkinson is the Global Senior Director of Service Design and Business Architecture at adidas. Her work has been recognised internationally by SDN, Core77, and the ARCET Global Customer Centricity Awards.

Previously, Bryanne led design and product teams at one of the largest insurance firms in North America, and helped build and scale four social impact start-ups on three continents. Through this work, she served adults who had sustained permanent disabilities due to a workplace accident; young women seeking higher education in post-genocide Rwanda; juvenile offenders in Washington DC; survivors of sexual abuse in Sri Lanka; and financially excluded entrepreneurs in Kenya.

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