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The challenges to scale the Circular Economy and how Service Design can help

The Circular Economy is a powerful solution to some of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource scarcity. It presents a strong business opportunity for companies, one that has design at its core. However, we can see it struggling to scale.
Companies are not used to collaborating with their direct competitors, they grapple with ways to create more distributed supply chains, they feel at loss when designing repair or reuse services that are as delightful as the ultra convenience of single use, etc.
Many of these roadblocks can be tackled with tools, skills and mindsets that service designers use everyday. I will show you how we can use service design to unlock the Circular Economy at the scale that the world needs and bring us closer to a regenerative world.

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Gaelle Le Gelard




Gaelle Le Gelard

Design Lead at Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Gaelle is a circular service designer. She supports companies in their Circular Economy journey. Helping them understand what their business would look like in a circular world and working with different functions to grasp their role in making this circular vision happen.
Previously she was Design Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation where she focused her work on fostering Circular Economy innovation; from realising the key role of design in enabling the Circular Economy to empowering designers to create products, services and systems that are regenerative by design.
She has published a report on the key role of design in the advent of a regenerative food system that builds biodiversity and help tackle climate change and presented it at COP26 in Glasgow.
The complexities of designing circular supply chain systems has also been an area of focus in her work as she believes it will be a key unlock to scale the circular economy.

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