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Operation Innovation: How the Estonian Defence Forces Took a Shot at Design Thinking

The current precarious geopolitical situation has raised wide discussions about Estonia’s defence capacity, but often these focus on either military technology or the strength of the allied forces. There is more behind the defence capability than just weapons: Estonia, similarly to neighbouring Scandinavian countries, practices a wide-scale defence strategy where the reserve army, consisting of regular citizens, plays an important role.
What happens after you walk into the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces and declare to its leaders that you are not human-centered enough and could really benefit from service design?

#ImpactBeyondDesign #Multidisciplinary #DefenceForces #Collaboration #OperationInnovation

Helelyn Tammsaar


Co-presented with Ave Habakuk.


Helelyn Tammsaar

Project Lead & Anthropologist, Public Sector Innovation Team of Estonia

Helelyn and her co-presenter Ave met at the Estonia's Public Sector Innovation Team, working to make public services more human-centric and user-friendly. Ave’s background in behavioural economics and Helelyn’s training in social anthropology brought unique perspectives to the team's innovation programs, innovation sprints, and workshops that combine service design, ethnographic methods, co-creation, and policy experimentation.

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