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If You Can’t Tame It, Embrace It: Complexity science for service designers

Complex ecosystems are impossible to predict or control. They challenge us to sense and respond, to design with agility in lieu of certainty – but how? Complexity science offers some clues for service designers who recognize the future of our practice lies in designing the conditions that make desirable change more likely to emerge.

#ComplexityScience #ComplexityTheory #DesignForComplexity

Jennifer Briselli




Jennifer Briselli

Co-Founder & Principal at Topology

Jen Briselli is a strategist, service designer, researcher, and educator who helps people realize the transformative potential of risky play, complexity informed strategy, and transdisciplinary collaboration. Driven by a deep curiosity to understand the hidden patterns across disparate domains and to empower other humans with these insights, she partners with brave leaders at these intersections to provoke, construct, (and sometimes subvert), toward the co-creation of innovative services, products, and experiences that enable people to live well - on their own terms. Most recently as Chief Design Strategy Officer at Mad*Pow and now as co-founder of Topology, a systems-oriented experience strategy firm, Jen works with purpose driven organizations who want to improve experiences and outcomes for the people they serve.

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