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A Framework for Connecting Vision to Value

In an increasingly competitive economic environment, business value is everything. But in a world increasingly reliant on global companies, complex systems, and rapidly advancing technology, it can be a significant challenge to identify – let alone influence – real sources of value. In this talk, we introduce the Business Value Framework: an intuitive approach that helps leaders and their teams keep value and impact at the center of everything they do, from strategy through implementation.

#Plurality #Logics #ServiceSystems #Strategy #Value #Inclusivity #Sustainability #Framework #Experimentation #CounterNormativity #Compossibility

John Sexton


Co-presented with Julia Dinoto and Naman Mandhan.


John Sexton

Experience Strategy and Service Design Lead at Slalom Michigan

John Sexton, PhD leads Experience Strategy and Service Design at Slalom Detroit. He specializes in connecting the dots between business value, human experience and the technologies that enable it all. He is a leader in Slalom’s Global Service Design Center of Excellence and has 20 years consulting experience.

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