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When Service Design Was About to Have Zero Impact - And What We Learned From It.

What does it look like, when service design doesn’t create impact? Why does it happen? And more importantly, what can we learn from those failures, in order to raise the bar and create more impact in the future? From the community to the community – join us to learn from the stories and insight rarely seen among the more celebrated hero narratives.


Juha-Matti Kosonen


Co-presented with Aino Makkonen.


Juha-Matti Kosonen

Director, Head of Design at Siili Solutions

Juha-Matti is a digital strategist, designer, and a design leader. Over two decades, he’s been working both in strategy, design, and digital agencies applying service design to multitude of projects. Currently he leads the design and strategy function and community as the Director, Head of Design at Siili Solutions (a European consultancy of +1000 people, and the SDN Award commercial category winner in 2023). Juha-Matti typically works in the intersection of business strategy, customer experience, digital products, and digitalisation. Despite having worked on the private side, Juha-Matti describes himself as a design nerd who looks up to academia. At the moment he’s interests lie in the opportunities that AI will bring to business and customer experience. Siili Solutions is all-in on AI-assisted design and development, and the teams are currently exploring the possibilities and the pitfalls of these transformative domains.

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