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It’s time for a revolution in Boldness

Explore the gap between expectation and reality in service design with "The Bold & The UnBiased," a manifesto from global design innovators. This presentation will arm you with tactics to push boundaries and foster a culture of impactful, unbiased design across your practice.

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Kristofer Kelly-Frere


Co-presented with Stephen Wood.


Kristofer Kelly-Frere

Creative Practice Lead at J5 Design

As Creative Practice Lead for J5 Design, Kristofer Kelly-Frere makes magic serious business and wants to help you explore the edges of what seems possible. J5 is a design studio dedicated to creating a kinder, more beautiful future together in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

With more than 15 years of experience in senior design roles, Kristofer has worked across a range of public, private, and government institutions to craft experiences, lead deep engagement, found design labs, and deliver ground-breaking social impact projects. Kristofer led the team responsible for “Braver Training Grounds” – a project with Red Deer Housing Authority that won the 2022 Global Service Design Award and is joining the faculty of the SD-SI European Union Service Design Masters Program in 2024. Success like this is the result of his love for playing in the mud of ambiguity to move innovative dreams across the threshold into reality.

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