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Integrating Community Insights to Design Responsive Primary Health Care Services and Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Discover how the Community Insights to Action Framework (CITA) is revolutionizing the design of Primary Health Care (PHC) services in Sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring responsiveness to community needs and preferences. Join us in Helsinki to explore innovative approaches to designing PHC systems that prioritize preventive care, individualized services, and evidence-based PHC services using data and digital technology.

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Naserian Saruni


Co-presented with Oliver Muchiri.


Naserian Saruni

Service Designer at ThinkPlace

Naserian Saruni, a service designer at ThinkPlace, blends over 5 years of expertise with a passion for sustainable development. Notable projects include creataing ownership of urban environments of Nairobi's youth through HipHop Architecture, co-designing a sexual reproductive health education framework with Fryshuset Sweden and HopeRaisers, and coordinating projects to enhance public spaces in Nairobi's informal settlements.

At ThinkPlace, she conducted BMGF research on the maize value chain in Kenya and currently works on a GAVI-funded Learning Project in the HORN of Africa, aiming to improve vaccination strategies for Zero Dose Children. Naserian received the 2022 WIRE Presidential Award for redesigning Mukuru Kwa Njenga's resettlement using the Her City Toolkit. She holds a degree in Architecture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology and is a Mideva Idea Studio alumni. Find design portfolio below.

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