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Navigating the Landscape of Influence: The Power of Negotiation and Persuasion in Service Design

Unlock the power of influence in service design to lead with impact. Join me as I reveal how strategic persuasion and negotiation are not just skills but essential tools for shaping the future of services. This talk promises to transform your approach, enabling you to drive innovation and craft services that resonate deeply with users and stakeholders alike

#DesignInfluence #InfluenceInDesign #BuildingConsensus #ServiceDesignLeadership #StakeholderEngagement

Nathalie Salas




Nathalie Salas

Managing Director at Inibus & Co

Nathalie is a challenger in service and business design, with a rich background that spans the vibrant sectors of both private and public domains. Renowned for her ability to decipher complex strategic challenges, she employs a holistic, creative approach to uncover innovative solutions. At her core lies a profound empathy, guiding her in crafting user-centric systems that bridge gaps and make tangible impacts. A natural facilitator, she excels in drawing out collaborative insights, fostering environments where diverse ideas converge to form solutions that function seamlessly and resonate deeply. Her strategies, alive with adaptability and practicality, are tailored to nurture startups and organisations, steering them towards exceptional service experiences. Through her work, she embodies the essence of multidisciplinary collaboration, driving forward the mission to create impactful, inclusive service designs that leave a lasting mark.

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