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From Hype to Action: How to lead the implementation of journey management

The hype of journey management has been buzzing for a few years, and most service designers know what the potential value and impact can be. But the questions remains: How do I implement it? During this talk, we will share an action-oriented implementation model for journey management and share insights on how to start leading your own implementation.

#JourneyManagement #Implementation #ScalingServiceDesign #ScaleImpact #EnablingLeadership #DemocratizingCX

Niels Corsten



Niels Corsten

Sr. Lead Service Design & CX Transformation at Deloitte Digital

Niels Corsten is a senior service design lead with over a decade of experience doing design and transformation work. After years of agency work and leading the service design team at Vodafone, Niels is now leading the service design and transformation practice at Deloitte Digital, where he is driving topics like design maturity, journey analytics, journey management and orchestration.

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