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Cultivating Cultural Impact: Crafting Services for Scalable Success

This talk explores the influence of cultural backgrounds on services and underscores the necessity of understanding users' culture for crafting inclusive and successful services in today's interconnected world. It emphasizes collaboration in Service Design, highlighting the significance of diverse teams when tailoring services for varied audiences. Attendees will gain insights into researching cultural backgrounds, bridging service gaps for multicultural audiences, and leveraging the benefits of multicultural team collaboration.

#CulturalImpact #MulticulturalCollaboration #Diversity&Inclusion #GlobalServices #BridgingSilos #TeamSport #InternationalManagement

Oona O'Brien




Oona O'Brien

UX Researcher, Service Designer & External Consultant, Service Design Student at Glasgow School of Art

Oona is a Franco-Irish Service Designer and User Researcher with a rich background working in-house and as a consultant spanning six countries across Europe, Africa, and North America.

With extensive global exposure, Oona developed a passion for how culture influences our interactions with products and services. In today's dynamic landscape, where designing for diverse cultures is imperative, Oona's passion for research and understanding multicultural nuances drives her work.

Her favorite projects include co-creating a shadow playscape with children in Germany, and leading a multicultural team of design researchers on the topic of immigration in Italy. In a past life, she also recrafted the design strategy of a chocolate factory in Morocco!

She is always dedicated to broadening her knowledge and engaging in meaningful discussions on these topics.

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