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Imagining the future to impact people and organisations today: novel methods and cases from Latin America

The talk 'Imagining the Future to Impact People and Organizations Today: Novel Methods and Cases from Latin America' explores the application of future-oriented frameworks, methods, and tools to shape services and organisations to thrive in a volatile world. Attendees will gain insights into the importance of future-oriented approaches, discover innovative methods validated across diverse contexts, and delve into case studies from Latin America showcasing collaborative endeavours and the integration of management and design approaches.

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Paula Wuth




Paula Wuth

Director of Experience and Strategy at New, Professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Paula Wuth is Director of Experience and Strategy at New. She is also an Assistant Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC), where she teaches in the MBA program, Advanced Design Master program and undergraduate programmes from the Design School and Sustainable Development Institute. She is also a researcher at the UC Public Innovation Lab. Her professional and academic practice focuses on service design, design-driven innovation, participation, and strategy. She holds a double degree from UC in business and economics and design.

She is co-author of different publications about design, including two articles in the Touchpoint Service Design Network Journal, entitled: "Ensuring Future-Proof Organisations: A Strategy for the Future Through Design" and "Speculative Labs: Shaping Future Management Practices Through Collaborative Scenario Experimentation". She also developed the Design for Innovation Method for radical innovation, which has been applied in the private, public and academic sectors, as well as in different courses at the university.

Paula has collaborated with companies and institutions in Chile, Latin America, and abroad, developing projects about customer experience, employee experience, strategic planning, radical innovation, and more. Her approach deeply integrates theory with practice, ensuring all stakeholders are part of the process and moving from design to implementation.

Paula has been the Director of Research, Development, and Transfer at the UC Design School.

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