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Co-creating for a Better Society Through Behavioral Science

How might we co-create a better society through behavioral science? Fostering positive behaviors in people with creative behavioral interventions.

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Setthawut Fang




Setthawut Fang

Head of Behavioral Design Lab & Business Designer at Sand Studio & Co.

Steven is an interdisciplinary designer who is on a mission to help make the world a better place through design, business, and technology. He is currently working as a designer at Sand Studio & Co., a design agency based in Bangkok, Thailand.

At Sand Studio, he is the head of Behavioral Design Lab, an internal unit that tackles world’s toughest challenges through the behavioral lens. His core mission for the Behavioral Design Lab is to drive positive behavioral change to people, organizations, and the world. The mission is backed by his core belief that positive behavioral change and better decision making are the keys toward a more thriving and prosperous future for all. His current focus is on bridging the gap between behavioral science and design to create positive behavioral change and sustainable impact to society.

On the side, Steven has recently started a news publication called Signal Change at the beginning of 2024, a new publication where he crystallizes behavioral science academic research papers and the latest behavioral insights in a way that’s easily digestible, understandable and practical for the general audience. Through Signal Change, Steven aims to broaden the exposure of this relatively new field of behavioral science, especially in the global south and the region of Southeast Asia.

Steven’s passion and experience in working at the intersection between design, business, and technology act as the key drivers in driving innovation towards addressing the world’s toughest challenges in the 21st century.

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