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It’s time for a revolution in Boldness

Explore the gap between expectation and reality in service design with "The Bold & The UnBiased," a manifesto from global design innovators. This presentation will arm you with tactics to push boundaries and foster a culture of impactful, unbiased design across your practice.

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Stephen Wood


Co-presented with Kristofer Kelly-Frere.


Stephen Wood

Senior Director Ignite Strategic Innovation at Salesforce

Stephen specializes in bridging the gap between design, business & tech teams.He helps companies apply Human-Centered Design to drive innovation that generates commercial value. Stephen has held management roles in blue-chip tech companies, major consultancies and boutiques. He has built multi-disciplinary teams that have delivered better results at every point of the innovation cycle and better experiences for customers and colleagues.

For over two decades, Stephen written, lectured, (and occasionally podcasted) about the world of Design & Customer Experience. He focuses on the point at which emerging tech, evolving human behaviors and business converge -as this is where the magic tends to happen-.

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