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Transforming Elderly Care: Redefining the Future of Supported Living for Residents and Care Professionals

Discover how the Ambient Assisted Living project revolutionized assisted living through digital innovation, enhancing the quality of life for residents while simplifying processes for staff. This case study delves into the strategic deployment of sensor technology, overcoming challenges, and the collaborative journey towards a more comfortable, safe, and dignified living environment. Join us to explore the impactful fusion of technology and human-centered design in the social economy sector.

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Thomas Schönweitz




Thomas Schönweitz

CEO of Whitespring Innovation

Thomas Schönweitz is one of the leading consultants for innovation, digitalization and transformation in the social economy. He combines the most innovative methods from Lean, Agile, Design Thinking and Service Design with social competence and the inner development of employees. He represents renowned companies such as Arri, EnBW, Caritas and the Goethe Institute.

Thomas Schönweitz has an SME and entrepreneurial background, is an author, lecturer and successfully develops state-of-the-art training formats for more impact.

He offers a unique approach to the implementation and successful realization of innovation and digital projects. In addition to technical and methodological know-how, employees are equipped with cooperation skills, thereby bundling synergies and perfecting teamwork.

By combining external and inner development, the impact and effect of the social enterprises goes far beyond their own benefits. The entire sector becomes sustainable and society as a whole benefits.

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