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Challenges posed by declining economies, global crises, and advancements in technology like AI are setting new demands on service design outcomes. Hence, the time has come to shift our focus from the design processes to achieving practical and future-forward impact with it. That is why our chosen theme for SDGC24 is

Designing For Impact

Strategic Leadership With Service Design

Focusing on outcomes over output, we use our tools to move the needle for organizations, leading to real, recognised value. Let’s get in depth about how we make, measure and communicate the tangible impact of service design on technology, society, and the future. Join us as we co-create the metrics of service design at SDGC24.

Elevating impact

Elevating the impact of service design as a transformative discipline.

Highlighting inefficiencies and silos, this theme endorses a leap toward strategic leadership in service design. By promoting streamlined processes and integration, we aim to bolster the discipline's tangible impact on businesses, tech, society, and the future. Impact made tangible.


#outcomes #delivery #case studies

Changing impact

Showcasing how service design responds to the needs of the economy, culture and emerging tech trends.

Exploring how service design addresses evolving economic demands and emerging technologies, fostering innovation, adaptability, and sustainable growth for businesses, organizations, and society. Impact by demand.

#new technologies #the future #diversity #sustainable practice #AI

Impact beyond design

Drawing inspiration from diverse disciplines beyond service design to develop learnings together.

Aiming to broaden the reach and impact of the conference by engaging professionals from diverse disciplines. Only through authentic multidisciplinary work can we foster a dynamic & inclusive environment that encourages deep collaboration, knowledge exchange, and successful implementation of service design outcomes. Impact together.

#collaboration #multidisciplinary #ROI #Business thinking

Theory of impact

Investigating and dissecting new frameworks, mindsets and theories of service design to deliver great impact.

Highlighting the importance of design as both a guiding principle and a practical tool. What new tools, methodologies, frameworks and practices can we draw from and apply into real-world applications, emphasizing the balance between conceptual frameworks and actionable implementation, leading to tangible outcomes and impactful results.

#principles of design #futures thinking #methods #theory #mindset

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