SDGC is the acronym used for the Service Design Global Conference, an industry-leading event we, at SDN, host on an annual basis since 2008.

Every year, SDGC is pleased to welcome over 800 thinkers, doers and leaders working in, or passionate about, the practice of service design to an occasion committed to discovery, growth and connecting. Held in a different global city each year, our two-day conference (plus one pre-conference day dedicated to our members) is designed to explore the latest news, trends and insights shaping the industry, all while exploring the potential impact service design has on the way the public and private sectors operate.  Offering an assortment of compelling keynote addresses, thought-provoking presentations, hands-on workshops and genuine opportunities to network make SDGC the most critical event service design practitioners will attend all year. 

To find out more about SDGC, how to partner, or to purchase a ticket, please read our SDGC FAQs below:




What is SDGC?

SDGC is short for Service Design Global Conference which is hosted by the Service Design Network (SDN) annually. Being held since 2008 it is meanwhile attracting more than 800 thinkers, doers and leaders in the field of service design and service innovation.

In 2007, SDGC was launched to raise awareness around service design, which, at the time, was still considered a new and unexplored design practice. The initial concept around the conference was to connect the pioneers of service design with new practitioners and interested shareholders to further service design's understanding and reach. Welcoming attendees from around the world, SDGC began to evolve as our practice began to flourish. Now SDGC is as much a learning occasion as it is a networking platform designed to help professionals and businesses alike grow and ready themselves for a future economy driven by the demand for well-designed services.

SDGC is the premier event for service design: a 2 full day conference, plus special pre-events the day before – among them the exclusive SDN-members event. To keep the truly international spirit we are moving to another inspiring country and host city every year. To stay up-to-date please follow our social media channels and keep an eye open for the publication of the SDGC webpage as soon as date and location for the next gathering are set! 

The Service Design Global Conference has been postponed to April 22-23, 2021.  We are also considering what we can do virtually this year. There are many exciting opportunities, and we look forward to seeing how we can bring service design together globally in a virtual setting on October 22-23, 2020.


Who is SDGC for?

At SDGC we are curating different levels of content available – for service design beginners up to experienced service design practitioners. Nevertheless, all SDG conferences revolve around "Service Design". Everyone, no matter from which industry, from the private or public sector, design agency or university, whether professional or student - everyone who is interested in service design is welcome to purchase a ticket and join our global community.

Which language is SDGC held in?

Even though SDGC is moving around the globe and is an international event with a vivid spirit based on the many nationalities joining, all talks, presentations and workshops will be held in English to make them accessible to as many people as possible. We do not offer any translation services.

What does the SDGC program look like?

SDGC is all about service design. With an annually changing theme, we are framing the content based on recent developments and future trends within the discipline. The annual theme is published and explained on the SDGC webpage. 

Generally speaking, SDGC consists of main stage talks in our auditorium – with seats available for all attendees – and parallel breakout sessions. In those breakout sessions, we are offering a number of workshops and talks for a smaller audience. Please note that seats for the available workshops are limited to ensure the quality of these intense sessions. Registration for the workshops will be available during the SDGC ticketing process, or in case you bought your tickets before we finalized the program, later on in your ticketing account. In this case, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as registration is open. These registrations are solely first come, first serve basis.

The global and local conference team put together the program based on invitations and submissions, making sure to have the best content and speakers. We are publishing the final program on the SDGC webpage as soon as it has been finalized. So please bear with us and be sure we are giving our best to publish the program as soon as possible.

You can subscribe to our Conference Newsletter to get all news around SDGC on a regular basis.


Where is SDGC taking place?

We try to live the global spirit of the service design community and be accessible to as many regions of the world as possible by moving to another country and city every year. SDN’s chapters are annually invited to apply as the host city for SDGC. After our event board evaluates all applications, we make sure to find a beautiful and inspiring venue in the chosen country and city.

In 2021 (dates tbc) we will gather at the Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information on our venue and how to get there visit the SDGC conference website. And remember: Denmark may use a different type of plugs and sockets than your home country! ¬ Make furthermore sure to check visa requirements!

Does SDGC include catering?

Catering during the two conference days includes soft drinks, coffee and tea, a buffet during lunch break and snacks during the coffee breaks. And be sure some surprises and local specialties are waiting for you during our famous SDGC reception at the end of conference day one. In case you do have any special dietary requirements, we will do our best to consider those in the planning of our catering – you can let us know about such during the registration process.

Will there be Wifi available?

Of course, we will offer Wifi at the main conference locations ¬– the Members Event location as well as the main conference venue. But please note the Wifi at the evening conference reception venue may not be possible given the local conditions, but we will try our best to provide it.

Can my kids join SDGC?

We do understand that service design is a very interesting topic that even our juniors should have a chance to get in touch with. But unfortunately, we cannot offer any childcare on site. In case you cannot find anyone to take care of your youngest during the conference please contact us and we will try to find a solution that makes us all happy.

What is the code of conduct?

The Service Design Global Conference is a nice and friendly place where we want all of you to feel safe and welcome, regardless of gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion. Even though we know that none of this is probably new to you, we just want to make it very clear that no form of harassment or bullying is accepted at SDGC or any of our side events. This goes for everyone at the conference, from participants to speakers, organizers, volunteers and partners.

In the case that you feel that anyone is crossing any boundaries (towards yourself or others), please contact a member of our conference staff.


The best business case for attending the Service Design Global Conference is the wealth of high-level knowledge and actionable content you gain and can effectively implement around the topic of service design. A great speaker line-up, important networking occasions and great snacks certainly don't hurt!

To help you make the case, we've broken down where your money goes when you purchase a ticket for our event.  Please note that as a non-profit organisation, we rely on your funds to bring our event to life which is why we reinvest every dollar back into your SDGC experience!

SDGC20 Ticket Breakdown


How can I buy a ticket for SDGC?

As soon as SDGC tickets are online you can find all available options on the SDGC ticketing page. You do not need to be an SDN Member to join SDGC, however being one will give you a great discount on the regular ticket rate.

Simply select the applicable ticket category, fill in your details in the registration form and select the payment method you want to use. Once the payment is successful you will receive a confirmation including the login details for your personal ticketing profile.

The Service Design Global Conference 2021 will take place on April 22-23, 2021.

Make sure to pick up your conference badge from our registration desk as soon as you arrive at SDGC to get access to all conference venues.

Please note: Application procedures for special rate tickets – e.g students – may apply. For further information please also read our Terms & Conditions.


Which payment methods are available?

Payment is generally available through credit card and invoice. If you choose invoice at the checkout we will send you the invoice to your provided e-mail address. You should place your payment within 14 days after receiving to ensure your SDGC ticket.

Where can I find the payment receipt?

You will receive an invoice/receipt right upon successful payment. In case you have paid and didn't receive such e-mail do not hesitate to contact us.

What kind of tickets are available?

Generally, SDN offers tickets for SDN Members, Non-Members and special audiences, such as students or press. For those who are not SDN members yet, we do offer special rate packs, including a SDGC ticket as well a one-year SDN Membership. For larger groups Corporate Memberships are available as well as group discounts. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. All available ticket types and all included benefits are listed on the SDGC ticketing page.


SDN Member Tickets

If you are an SDN Member (Professional Member, Student Member, Corporate and Academic Members) with a valid membership in the month of the Service Design Global Conference you are eligible for the discounted Member tickets as per your membership category (Professional Member, Student Member, Corporate and Academic Members).
You can check the expiry date of your membership in your SDN member's profile.
Please note: If you are holding a free Community Membership regular prices apply.
To buy a Member Ticket you will need to enter the e-mail address connected to your SDN membership account to start the ticket purchase. The discounted ticket category assigned to your e-mail address will be automatically allocated to you in the next step.

SDN Membership Renewal Packs

If you are an SDN Member with a membership expiring before the month of the conference the member discount is not applicable to your ticket. You can check the expiry date of your membership in your SDN member's profile.
In this case, you do have the option to buy an SDN Membership Renewal Pack including the renewal of your SDN Membership – for one year from the day of regular expiry – plus an SDGC ticket on a special rate. This pack is available to all SDN Membership types: Professional, Students, Corporate and Academic.

To purchase a Renewal Pack you will need to enter the e-mail address connected to your SDN membership account to start the ticket purchase. The discounted ticket category assigned to your e-mail address will be automatically allocated to you in the next step.

Non-Member Tickets and Packs

You do not need to be an SDN member to attend SDGC. We do offer regular tickets for professionals and students too.
But in case you would like to join the network this is your chance to get off our membership packs – available for professionals and corporates – including a one-year SDN membership as well as an SDGC ticket on a special discounted rate. Please check our ticket Professional Pack and Corporate Pack on the ticketing page and don't hesitate to get in touch in case of questions.
Please note: If you are a student please send us your current student certificate/certificate of enrollment via the provided application button on our ticketing page or via e-mail. Afterwards, we will provide you with the access to purchase the discounted Student Ticket.
Kindly notice that SDN does not consider PhD candidates for the above-mentioned student discount. Instead, please select the professional ticket.

Special Audience Tickets

Besides all regular priced tickets, SDN is offering special rate tickets to the following audiences:


Public Sector Tickets

As a public sector employee,  you are eligible for a reduced rate on the cost of your event ticket. To take advantage of this offer, we require documented proof of your status. Please submit the necessary credentials to us via e-mail. Afterwards, we will provide you with the access to purchase the discounted public sector ticket.


You are working for any press agency, blog or are a self-employed journalist and would like to report on SDGC? We are delighted to hear from you. Please visit our press page to download our media kit and apply for an SDGC press pass.
Or directly in contact with the SDGC team via to discuss the available option.

I am an SDN (Community) Member but did not receive my member code

Only paying SDN members are entitled to receive a discount on the SDGC tickets. All SDN members should have received their discount codes via e-mail. In case you are an SDN Member and didn’t receive the code, please also check your spam folder or contact us. If you are a community member please choose the professional ticket or take the chance to buy a pack and become a full SDN member.

How can I buy tickets for my whole team?


We are glad to hear you want to bring your whole team to SDGC. To do so you do have different options: Either you choose to buy multiple professional tickets or go for the Corporate Pack which includes a 1-year SDN corporate membership, including 5-member accounts, plus 5 SDGC tickets. For larger groups Corporate Plus Memberships are availalble as well as group discounts. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Either way, we suggest you keep the basic information about your colleagues handy while booking the tickets since it is mandatory to fill in those details correctly before you proceed to pay.

I didn't receive the confirmation e-mail

Please check your spam folder as our e-mails sometimes get marked as spam. In case you cannot find any e-mails by SDN, please contact us.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, up until one week prior the official start of SDGC you may transfer your ticket to a third party. The third party must have the same status as you do. For example, an SDN Student-Member-Ticket can only be transferred to another SDN Student-Member with a valid student-ID. In case you want to transfer your ticket to someone else, please contact us.

I am not able to attend the conference. Can I get a refund?

In terms you are unable to attend SDGC, it is necessary to contact us and inform our staff by no later than 30 days prior to the official start of the event. In terms you inform us less than 30 days prior to the official start of the event, no refund will be payable. Please consider that you may have the option to transfer your ticket to a third-party (for more information please also read our T&C’s).


Can I share my ticket with a colleague?

No, sharing your badge in between or during the day is not allowed.

Can I get an invitation letter for my visa?

Please send us an e-mail to to ask for the visa invitation letter, including the following information: Full name, date and place of birth and your passport number + date and place of issue. Please note: You must already pay the ticket amount for us to issue an invitation letter.


Are there 1 day passes available?

At the moment SDN is not planning to provide any 1 day passes. In case we will change our mind, we will notify the world via social media and our newsletter. But who would want to miss a day with so many inspiring talks and the chance of meeting so many exciting people anyways?

How long are SDGC tickets available? 

SDGC usually sells out a few weeks in advance. This is why we do not offer on-site tickets. So please don't wait too long for ordering your ticket if you are sure you want to participate.

Become a speaker/workshop facilitator

The heart of SDGC is its speakers and workshop facilitators. All submitters will be informed until the end of April 2020 of next steps.

Become a volunteer

Every year the SDGC team accepts applications for a limited amount of volunteer positions. As an SDGC volunteer, you have the chance to participate in the leading service design conference and get to know how everything is rolling behind the scenes. Tasks include the registration and the guidance of the SDGC attendees, facilitating special events, assistance in setup … If you are interested in volunteering at SDGC please keep following our social media channels for the call deadlines. We can only accept applications during this period.

Due to the post-ponement of the conference to April 22-23, 2021, the call for Volunteers for SDGC20 will open at the beginning of 2021.


We are always looking for inspiring partners from all around the world to make SDGC an even more vibrant experience. Have a look at our compellig SDGC21 partner opportunities or contact us. 

I did not find the answer to my question

In case we couldn’t answer your question with tour FAQs please don’t hesitate to contact us. But please bear with us: Especially right before and after the conference, we are receiving a lot of requests. Nevertheless, we will give our best to answer your question within 24 hours. Please note that the SDN headquarter is based in Germany, so please also consider the different time zones.



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