October 22-23, 2020 • Virtual



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Embracing Change


In 2020, change is the new normal, and we are embracing it as an opportunity to focus on how we can create better services and be better human beings. We have the ability to create the change we want to see in the world. From empathy to delivery, service design gives us the processes and tools to do so. Embrace change with us during our first virtual global conference, where we will feature a diverse set of speakers, activities and topics ranging from service design fundamentals to provocative reflections on our changing world.

All talks will be recorded and shared with Virtual SDGC20 attendees after the conference.

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And there's more... On October 23, 2020 we are pleased to also offer a series of inspirational workshops that may be purchased as an addition to your Virtual SDGC20 ticket or Ticket Bundle to enhance your learning experience.  Jump to our online workshops 







Virtual SDGC20 Event Platform


All registered attendees of Virtual SDGC20 will receive their access details, including their unique join code, via e-mail
We want you to find the best connections possible during our Virtual Service Design Global Conference 2020 (SDGC20) are excited to offer you our conference on the event platform, powered by Brella – an AI-powered matchmaking tool for livestreaming and online networking. At Virtual SDGC20, you can expect quality connections AND a curated stream. Connect directly with a thriving community of like-minded service designers eager to exchange ideas, experiences, and advice. You'll meet prospective clients, partners – even future talent – and grow your circle of professional contacts. Find more information on our Virtual SDGC20 Event Platform page >


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Timings Around The World


Location Local Time
Berlin, Germany 9 am - 4 am
London, UK 8 am - 3 am
New York, USA 3 am - 8 pm
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4 am - 9 pm
San Francisco, USA 12 am - 5 pm
Shanghai, China 3 pm - 8 am
Sydney, Australia 6 pm - 11 am
Tokyo, Japan 4 pm - 9 am

Meet Our SDGC20 Speakers and Workshop Facilitators


We have brought together the leading minds in service design who will exhibit work from all around the world.










Workshop Facilitators





Agenda - Two Days of Inspiration


We will be hosting Virtual SDGC20 over 18 hours to make the live event accessible to people across the globe, making for a truly global learning experience. Join Virtual SDGC20 and enjoy an interactive environment where participants proactively create opportunities to share service design knowledge and new cross-disciplinary research that leads to innovation. 

Note: this schedule is provisional and is subject to change. All times stated are in Central European Summer Time (CEST). Easily check the time difference for your own time zone.





Interested In Sponsoring?


The Virtual Service Design Global Conference 2020 (SDGC20) is a key opportunity for you to reach the service design community and its professional stakeholders in a digital setting with interactive live sessions, practical insights, and networking with like-minded service designers. Sponsoring SDGC20 gives you the opportunity to connect with talented service designers from all over the world. You can host your own sponsor ebooth and talk with potential clients, employees and customers. 

In partnering with us, we are pleased to offer your business a multitude of compelling packages, marketing concepts and virtual exhibition opportunities that not only provide you with keen visible but also access to a group of engaged service design professionals with whom you can promote your business. 

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SDGC20 Sponsors

Our 2020 Partners

These are the fine people helping us make our conference possible!






 SDGC20 venue

Virtual SDGC20
October 22-23. 2020 

Virtual Space



SDGC20 venue\

April 22-23, 2021  Lokomotivværkstedet
Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen, Denmark

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