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Workshops during SDGC24 will be held on Wednesday, October 2, 2024.

- Blurb about workshops? - 

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Reimagining Accessibility: Strategies for Cultural Transformation

Our hands-on design sessions will give attendees the opportunity to apply accessibility principles to real-world scenarios, engage in contextual storytelling activities, and playtest a game designed to spark conversations around exclusion in digital products and services.

Journey Management for Real Impact: Using Maps for Agile Organizations

Learn to use journey maps beyond a mere design or workshop tool: How to use journey maps to build an organization’s information system that actually helps prioritize projects from a CX perspective. Structure your journey maps on various organizational levels for real impact.

Harness AI to create your personal service design assistant

Take your service design practice to the next level by learning how to employ AI! In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to craft your own AI-driven service design assistant, tailored specifically to amplify your creativity, efficiency, strategy or leadership tasks.

Designing for Sustainability: Reimagining Service Experiences Using Service Origami

You will leave this workshop with a renewed sense of inspiration, equipped with the skills and confidence to apply a sustainability perspective to your design work while gaining knowledge of a new tool to add to your service design toolkit.

Empathic Machines: flipping the script on human centered design

From human-centered design to designing Empathic Machines.

Service design for environmentally sustainable behaviour

Jump over the attitude-behaviour gap by designing handprint customer journeys.

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