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Designing for Sustainability: Reimagining Service Experiences Using Service Origami

Facillitated by Shreya Dhawan and James Morelli

Theme: Changing impact

In an era of global challenges, there is a growing need for organizations to prioritize sustainability within service experiences. With increasing consumer interest in environmentally conscious businesses, sustainability has evolved from a mere differentiator to a key service strategy. This hands-on workshop aims to guide service design practitioners through ways to redesign service systems to make them more accessible, preferable and sustainable. 

#Diversity #SustainablePractice #Collaboration #PrinciplesOfDesign #Methods #Theory

Harmonic Design

max. 20 attendees
13:00 - 16:00 EEST


Shreya Dhawan

Lead Service Designer at Harmonic Design

Shreya enjoys working with ambiguous and complex real-world problems to craft sustainable and intuitive service systems that balance consumer needs with long-term business value. Shreya is a published author and a thought leader within the service design community and has experience working with client partners in industries such as insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, sports and entertainment, and library systems.


James Morelli

COO & Co-Founder at Harmonic Design

For the past 15 years, James Morelli has educated a myriad of organizations on the business advantage of understanding and aligning with people's needs. As COO at Harmonic Design, he creates the right partnerships and conditions for our clients and practitioners to do their best work and achieve great outcomes together. He has also held several leadership positions at design firms, including Regional Vice President at Macquarium and Director of Account Services at SagePath.

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