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Empathic Machines: flipping the script on human centered design

Facillitated by Petri Lattu and Caroline Liu

Theme: Changing impact

Suppose companies operate through intelligent service and value-adding agents in the future, and these agents act with human-like empathy. Imagine a company as an agent, capable of conveying emotions and forming deep connections with users. How do we design these deep interactions? Our shared goal is to create an agent that can optimally become a true value-add life companion. We frame human-to-human relationships as emotional give and take, and our workshop is a collaborative space to explore how to design an agent that can operate in the same paradigm. Together, we will define and explore the agent's side - how it will act, communicate, and feel about the user. Your key takeaway: a personality design toolkit.

#NewTechnologies #TheFuture #AI #Collaboration #Multidisciplinary #PrinciplesOfDesign

Siili Solutions

max. 50 attendees
13:00 - 16:00 EEST



Petri Lattu

Innovation Lead, Siili Solutions

Petri is a seasoned strategic designer and a thought leader in futures thinking. Previously he has been among the first to create frameworks on designing for AI and smart agents. He has worked extensively, worldwide with forward thinking companies in designing market beating experiences and strategies.


Caroline Liu

Design Director, AI and Data Business

Caroline Liuchang is a dedicated designer with a strong analytical mindset and a diverse range of skills in service, experience and visual design. She firmly believes that by combining design thinking and analytical thinking in problem-solving, we can ignite creativity and ensure the practicality of the end results.

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