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at Paasitorni
All levels
max. 20 attendees
9:00 - 12:00 EEST

Harness AI to create your personal service design assistant

Facilitated by Prof. Dr. Tina Weisser and Jesse Grimes -  Kolmiot

Theme: Changing impact


This interactive workshop is designed to empower service design professionals with the insights and considerations needed to conceptualize, ideate, and create a custom GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to act as their personal service design assistant. Participants will begin by specifying the context and purpose of their GPT through the use of a canvas, which will guide them through the essential questions and considerations that need to be addressed. They will move into a hands-on activity of actually creating a GPT tailored to their specific needs in service design, all within the session. They will discover how the GPT can be used for different stages of the service design process, as well as for strategy development and even leadership assistance.

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Munich Center for Digital Sciences and AI


Prof. Dr. Tina Weisser

Professor at Munich Center for Digital Sciences and AI by University of applied Science Munich

Prof. Dr. Tina Weisser holds a professorship in Service Design at MUC.DAI - Munich Center for Digital Sciences and AI at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and works as a leadership consultant. With over 20 years of experience in practicing service design across various sectors, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge. Tina serves on the advisory board of the SDN Academy and develops and conducts the successful SDN Leadership Learning Lab.


Jesse Grimes

Freelance service designer and innovation coach

Jesse ( is a freelance service designer and innovation coach, specializing in supporting start-ups. He has 16 years of service design experience across many industries, and has developed and run a great number of service design trainings - from the basics to niche topics such as circular design. Alongside his professional activities, he has long supported the SDN through volunteer-based efforts on its Leadership Team, for its journal 'Touchpoint', and for the SDN's Academy.

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