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Journey Management for Real Impact: Using Maps for Agile Organizations

Facillitated by Marc Stickdorn and Michael Steingress

Theme: Elevating impact

Nowadays, organizations run dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of agile projects that all impact customer and/or employee experience. Only a few of these projects are innovation or design projects – many of which are changes in SOPs, implementing legal changes (such as GDPR), IT updates, etc. These projects impact CX/EX but are hardly coordinated. Service design is a team sport. To sustainably improve customer experience, all parts of an organization need to be aware of the impact of their projects on customer and employee experience. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to use Journey Maps beyond a mere design or workshop tool: How to use journey maps to build an organization’s information system that actually helps prioritize projects from a CX perspective.

#Collaboration #Multidisciplinary #ROI #BusinessThinking #PrinciplesOfDesign #Methods #Theory


max. 30 attendees
9:00 - 12:00 EEST


Marc Stickdorn

Co-founder and CEO of Smaply, Co-Author of ’This is Service Design Thinking’ and ’This is Service Design Doing’

Marc is the co-founder and CEO of Smaply, the first dedicated journey mapping software since 2013. With a background in strategic management and service design, Marc consults organizations on sustainably embedding service design in their structures, processes, and culture. He developed the approach of Journey Map Ops, a human-centric information system for agile CX/EX management using Journey Management. His award-winning books ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ and ‘This is Service Design Doing’ are foundational texts for service designers worldwide.


Michael Steingress

Head of Partnerships and Sales at Smaply

Michael has a passion not only for journey maps but also for geographical and sociological maps. Michael helps customers define their challenges and evaluate the different approaches to tackle them. He regularly gives talks and workshops on service design and journey mapping, and he is a lecturer for service design with a strong focus on journey mapping at a business school in Austria. He especially enjoys working with new generations of service designers.

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