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Reimagining Accessibility: Strategies for Cultural Transformation

Facillitated by Sayali Bharambe and Gabriela Purri R. Gomes

Theme: Changing Impact

As the European Accessibility Act (EAA) looms on the horizon, organizations face a critical deadline to address unintentional exclusions in their products and services. This workshop will offer practical strategies and creative approaches to drive cultural change within complex organizations, making accessibility not only a priority but also a natural part of everyday operations. Attendees will engage in interactive activities and hands-on design exercises, learning from our experience integrating accessibility and inclusive design practices into Telekom's product development processes. They'll explore the intersection of accessibility and service design, and discover how cross-functional collaboration can significantly impact the creation of inclusive customer journeys that prioritize the needs of all users.

#TheFuture #Diversity #SustainablePractice #Accessibility #InclusiveDesign #Collaboration

max. 20 attendees

Experience Designers at Deutsche Telekom

9:00 - 12:00 EEST


Sayali Bharambe

Experience Designer at Deutsche Telekom, Lecturer at ReDi School of Integration, and mentor at ADPList

Sayali is a change strategist, specialized in research, design operations, and accessibility with a passion for problem-solving. In the past, she has taught Service Design at Politecnico di Milano, and worked with organizations like Unilever, Frog, Deesha Education Foundation, and Kirloskar. A published illustrator and comics creator, her expertise in service design and strategic leadership has helped her drive positive change globally.


Gabriela Purri R. Gomes

Senior Experience Designer at Deutsche Telekom

With over 10 years of experience applying human-centered design to the realms of digital technology and innovation, entertainment, digital health, and the arts and culture, Gabriela loves to pour her energy into making things – physical, digital or both – that bring joy, and that help people connect and live better lives. Some of her professional passions include natural user interfaces and multimodal experiences, system thinking, storytelling, playful design, and re-imagining a more inclusive and fair technological future.

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