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at Paasitorni
max. 30 attendees
13:00 - 16:00 EEST

Service design for environmentally sustainable behaviour

Facillitated by Mirja Kälviäinen

Institute of Design And Fine Arts, LAB University of Applied Sciences

Theme: Theory of impact

This workshop applies environmentally sustainable behaviour drivers, the consumer journey, and behavioural heuristics in designing service solutions for environmentally sustainable behaviours, so-called handprint solutions. The basic idea is to help consumers surpass the attitude-behaviour gap of ecologically conscious choices and behaviours by supporting them with a customer journey that blends easily into their everyday lives. The workshop offers research-based information and personas based on real-life customer research to cross barriers and drive behaviour towards sustainable lifestyles. Furthermore, the workshop will enable you to try out psychology-based heuristics in service touchpoints for nudging the customer into eco-conscious behaviours.

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Mirja Kälviäinen

Principal Lecturer, The Institute of Design and Fine Arts, LAB University of Applied Sciences

Dr Mirja Kälviäinen enthusiastically advocates research perspectives that encourage consumption behaviour change toward environmentally sustainable lifestyles. She holds two associate professorships: one in user-centred development and the other in design thinking as a tool for innovation. Dr Kälviäinen emphasizes that businesses and organizations that provide services must change their approach by positively impacting their customers through strong handprints.

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