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The Service Design Global Conference (SDGC) is an annual event that brings together professionals, academics and enthusiasts from around the world who are involved in the field of service design.


The conference aims to foster knowledge sharing, networking and the exploration of innovative practices in service design. It features keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions and presentations on the latest trends, research and case studies in the industry.


The event serves as a platform for participants to gain insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate on advancing the practice and impact of service design globally.

About the Event


Meet the Conference Team

Curtains up: Meet the team behind the conference planning! We are a team of 27 dedicated service designers and service design enthusiasts, made up of volunteers and SDN staff representing more than 12 different countries and nationalities worldwide. We all share the vision of advancing the practice through collaboration and place a high value on exchanging skills and experience with our peers.

Our vision for SDGC24, from the moment SDN Finland applied to become the host city, has been to make this the best SDCG possible, building on the thriving design community in Finland and the local chapters' event organisation expertise. 


During the past year, our team has been enthusiastically working to craft the conference experience, combining the local flavour with the international vision, while enhancing what SDCG is known and loved for - a platform for celebrating and promoting service design worldwide. Together with you, we hope to create a memorable conference experience.

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